Standard 5 amp secondaries - others by order.



SPLIT CORE current transformers are typically used when the bus bar or cable is already in place and the installation calls for current measurement.

Use either the traditional model or the all new, completely insulated, flexible type which opens to easily fit over the conductor(s) and be done within a few short moments or you can remove the busbar(s) and use a standard solid core CT; then reassemble them and re-torque the connections.

Make sure you remember to check the clearance between the conductors as well as their dimensions to properly select the right model.


Our flexible split core models can be ordered with a 4-20mADC output. Click on the star for more information.



The Flexible Core can be twisted thus widening the gap in order to allow the busbar or cable to fit within the CT. These are RoHS.

Window size:

1.5'' to 8.6''

2'' x 5.2''

3.7'' x 7.4''

4'' x 11''

Split O

Jaw type is similar to the traditional series but is completely insulated. Dimensions in mm.

23 x 33


80 x 160



The traditional split core unit has a clip which can be unfastened allowing the CT to be pulled apart.

0.84'' x 2''


4'' x 7.5''

Installation Guide