Capacitive sensors that ''see through'' walls.



Capacitive sensors will detect just about anything or can be adjusted to ignore non-ferrous material. This is especially convenient if the container is non-metallic and we want to detect the substance within. We butt the unit up against the outer wall and desensitize it via the built in potentiometer until the wall is no longer detected. Then, when material is present at the height of the sensor, it will activate the output. No hole to drill and the sensor is never in direct contact with the product.

The ATEX units are suitable for use in potentially hazardous locations. Besides considering potentially explosive concentrations of gas, vapor or mist in the air, the ATEX Directive also takes into account potentially explosive concentrations of dust in the air. In addition to considering electrical sources of ignition the ATEX Directive also takes into account mechanical sources of ignition. These sensors conform with the directive as it pertains to Group 2 Category 3.

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