These three phase CURRENT MONITORS use advanced circuitry to sense the current flowing through each phase.

When the current is greater than the rating of the model chosen, one of our standard or split core current transformers (CT) can be used in conjunction with the relay. Select a window size which will accommodate the size of the conductor which will pass through it. Then select the primary amperage based on the nominal current flowing through the conductor. If the load being monitored draws 60 amps at 240vac, the CT should be rated 60 amps with a secondary of 5 amps. The same CT can be used for a motor load of 60 amps at 600 vac. Our CT's can withstand the six to ten times starting current drawn by a motor load so you don't have to oversize them. They'll also work equally well at all voltages up to 1000vac. For voltages exceeding this value, use one of our medium voltage models.

70 Series   DIN Rail & Surface Mtg
70H.70 W.100 D.114 (mm) Type No
Function Current Current
Under / Over Voltage Under Current Over Current
Adjustable Trip Level Yes Yes
Phase Loss (Failure) Yes No
Neutral Loss Yes No
Phase Sequence (Rotation) No No
Phase Asymmetry No No
Time Delay (from fault) 0.2 - 10S 0.2 - 10S
Output 1 x DPDT Relay 1 x DPDT Relay
Output Rating 8A @ 250VAC 8A @ 250VAC
Integral Transformer Yes Yes
Supply Voltage Un/U 110, 230, 400VAC 110, 230, 400VAC
Monitoring Range 5A (0-80%) 5A (40-120%)